The significance of the west in the united states

See Article History Alternative Titles: Newsreel report on U. Secretary of State George C. Marshall advanced the idea of a European self-help program to be financed by the United States.

The significance of the west in the united states

It is called the Great Seal of the United States, and it is on the back of every one-dollar bill. However, few Americans understand the mysterious symbolism and emblems it contains.

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Indeed, there is even much misinformation about it. It is now time for all Americans to grasp the symbolic significance within our national Coat of Arms. Through it our Founding Fathers speak to us. So, before reading on, find a one-dollar bill. Then, if George Washington is facing you, turn him over.

Now, do you see an eagle, a constellation of stars, arrows, and an olive branch? These artistic symbols form the design on the front side of the Great Seal if it were viewed as a coin.

Now, on the left hand side of the dollar bill you notice a pyramid with an eye at its zenith along with some Latin words.

This is the reverse side of our National Coat of Arms. Both sides contain deep meaning and significance for Americans. Historical Development When our Founding Fathers declared their independence from England init was the prevailing custom for a nation to have a national coat of arms. Such coats of arms were generally emblems or symbols that commemorated an important event or identified some outstanding quality of that nation.

After six weeks of much work and discussion, the committee seemed on the verge of a recommendation. Ben Franklin described the proposed Seal in this manner: Rays from a Pillar of Fire in the clouds reaching to Moses to express that he acts by Command of Deity. Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God.

The Continental Congress then proceeded to appoint two further committees before an acceptable Seal was designed. Congress approved it on September 15, The final design on the face of the Great Seal was primarily the creation of William Barton, an expert heraldist. Charles Thomson, secretary of the Continental Congress, was responsible for the reverse side.

You will notice that there are nine feathers, one for each Justice of the Supreme Court. Now go back to the shield for a moment. The vertical lines, thirteen of them, stand for the original thirteen states. If you could see the Great Seal in color, you would notice that the shield contains six red stripes and seven white stripes.

The Chief top of the shield would be blue. The right talon holds out an olive branch containing thirteen leaves and thirteen olives.

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You need good eyes to count these olives! Obviously, the olive branch is a symbol for peace. In the left talon the eagle clutches a bundle of thirteen arrows. The symbolism is again clear. The United States will defend itself if threatened. Interestingly, in times of war, the eagle is turned to face the arrows.2 Fighting Words: The Significance of the American West in the History of the United States 3 Significant to Whom?: Mexican Americans and the History of the American West.

What is the significance of guns in United States culture? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. 4 Answers. but also in arming Americans against the Indians, the lawmen and the criminals of the wild West, etc--have played a critical role in America's history. Now, this is no different from any other modern country.

the United States court system. The Importance of the West. Sculpture by Rusty Talbot. In the fast-growing population of the United States was million, but only 5% of Americans lived west of the Appalachian Mountains that run from Maine to Georgia.

The significance of the west in the united states

By , however, the total U.S. population had already reached million and fully 25 percent of them lived west. Mormon Battalion: United States Army of the West, [Norma Ricketts] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Few events in the history of the American Far West from to did not involve the Mormon Battalion. The Battalion participated in the United States conquest of California and in the discovery of gold. 57 rows · A National Historic Landmark (NHL) is generally a building, district, object, .

The high school United States history course provides students with a survey of major events and b. Explain the reason for and significance of the French alliance and other foreign assistance resulting movement and migration west.

The significance of the west in the united states
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