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Enterprise resource planning Large corporations use planning to allocate resources internally among its divisions and subsidiaries. Many modern firms also use regression analysis to measure market demand to adjust prices and to decide upon the optimal quantities of output to be supplied. Planned obsolescence is often cited as a form of economic planning that is used by large firms to increase demand for future products by deliberately limiting the operational lifespan of its products. The internal structures of corporations have been described as centralized command economies that use both planning and hierarchical organization and management.

Planning and promoting special events for

Final th Street Station Subarea Plan documents View the adopted zoning for both station subareas by clicking on the map below. Obtain information about individual properties by entering an address or clicking on a parcel, including Assessor information like lot size and current or future zoning.

Note that zoning in the subareas is phased and will become activated at different times; Phase 1 zoning is currently in effect in both station subareas.

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This plan called for two light rail stations in Shoreline, on the east side of Interstate 5 at NE th and th Streets, anticipated to be operational in An animation of the proposed alignment for the LLE is available. In MayShoreline kicked off subarea planning for neighborhoods surrounding both future stations.

Over the next few years, the City and community developed plans to address land use, transportation, park, and other needs to accommodate projected growth in these areas. Below are some highlights of this process; documents referenced are available online.

Attendees provided feedback on their vision for neighborhoods surrounding future light rail stations with regard to housing, jobs and businesses, recreation and community services, transportation and mobility, and station design. A second series of Design Workshops was held in February and computer models and potential zoning scenarios illustrated how ideas expressed in November could translate into possibilities for the future.

In October ofthe City hosted a second series of Design Workshops to introduce zoning scenario maps and computer modeling of how concepts discussed during the first workshop series could look. Draft Environmental Impact Statements DEIS — The DEIS for each station subarea analyzed potential zoning scenarios with regard to impacts and mitigations for land use patterns, plans, and policies; population, housing, and employment; multimodal transportation; streams, wetlands, and surface water management; parks, recreation, open space, natural areas, and priority habitat areas; schools, police, fire, and other public services; and utilities and energy use.

In SeptemberCouncil adopted Ordinance Numbers,andthereby adopting the th Street Station Subarea Plan and implementing maps, regulations, and Planned Action.

Next Steps The City has completed its Subarea Planning process, which entailed rezoning and revising Development Code regulations to define the rules for redevelopment.

Homeowner decision-making about whether or when to sell or redevelop and market forces will determine the pace and intensity of change within the neighborhoods. No property owners will be required to sell or redevelop and new zoning allows homeowners to preserve and add on to their existing single-family homes.

Next steps for the City include transportation, parks, and utility planning to make capital improvements that will accommodate population growth.

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View more information about light rail permitting. Sound Transit will continue to work with property owners impacted by the alignment or station locations, and to refine their designs and host public meetings to share the most up-to-date iterations with the community.

On January 27,the City hosted an Open House to introduce residents to the Sound Transit process and invite them to participate.

Translations If you would like to communicate with the City of Shoreline or review a document in another language, please send your request along with your contact information to the email address below or call Planning and Promoting Special Events for Non-Profit Organizations * Why do special events?

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* 60%% of smaller nonprofit organizations self report doing special events for fundraising purposes * If done properly, special events can help build your pipeline for major gifts, renewed & increased sponsors, future planned gifts and loyal volunteers * Fact: $ Amount of charitable donations are.

Project Overview. APA partnered with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Clarion Associates, and the American Wind Energy Association to produce Planning for Wind Energy with funding from the Department of Energy.. The report was developed under the auspices of the Green Communities Research Center, one of APA's National Centers for Planning.

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Planning and promoting special events for

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