Paper chase

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Paper chase

Season 1[ edit ] James T. Hart is a law student from rural Minnesota who enters the intensely competitive environment of a prestigious law school specifically to study with Professor Charles W. Kingsfield inspires both awe and fear in his students in his unremitting determination to prepare them for the practice of law.

Ford is under immense pressure to succeed. His family has produced an unbroken string of outstanding lawyers going back generations, culminating in his demanding father, the senior partner in a very prestigious Wall Street law firm.

Brooks drops out after he voluntarily confesses to cheating. In the pilot, a waitress Marilu Henner shows him the ropes. There was a four-year hiatus between the end of the first season and the start of the second.

Paper chase

Season 2[ edit ] Hart survives the first year with flying colors and joins the staff of Law Review an honor reserved for the top studentsunder the leadership of Gerald Golden.

He becomes romantically involved with first-year law student Connie Lehman, only to lose her when she wins a Rhodes Scholarship and goes to Oxford University. Later, he repeatedly clashes with Law Review rival Rita Harriman, though he admits to Ford that he is perversely attracted to her.

Season 3[ edit ] Hart is now the president of Law Review. The Ford brothers have to come to terms with their sibling rivalry.

Rose deals with a surprise divorce and being so much older than her classmates. Season 4[ edit ] This season consists of only six episodes, including a two-part finale. In the two-hour finale, Hart has to decide between taking a federal court clerkship or a position in a private firm after graduation.

His decision is further complicated when he is invited to apply for a newly vacant faculty position at the school, an option opposed by Kingsfield, who believes he lacks the necessary experience.

Hart, the top student in the graduating class, gives the commencement speechbringing the series to a close.

Paper chase

Ordered by number of credited episodes; only actors with eight or more episodes are listed.Author and Harvard Law School graduate John Osborn Jr. rose to fame in the ’70s with the publication of his book “The Paper Chase” about his experience at the School.

He sat down for a Q-and-A session with Dean Martha Minow on the book’s 40th anniversary. Scott Satterwhite's new fund is killing 'em.

One favorite: title insurers. This is an open invite for all to attend Don't ask too many questions, now Don't tell us how it ends Because we're the ones who wrote the end. Graduate, paper chase. Oct 16,  · Watch video · A first-year law student at Harvard Law School struggles with balancing his coursework and his relationship with the daughter of his sternest professor/10(K).

the effort to earn a diploma or college degree, especially in law, or a professional certificate or license. the writing of assignments and reports, collecting of supporting documents, filling out of forms, and other paperwork necessary to obtain a college degree or a professional certificate or.

The Paper Chase! was episode Contents[show] Premise When Ralph gets nominated by the civic election committee for his work on the standard, he turns into an egotistical jerk in an attempt to improve every aspect of the paper. Meanwhile, Cyril Sneer is elected for a business award, but his.

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