Modest proposal writing assignment

Across different generations and various social contexts authors have exploited the conventions of humour to expose injustice and promote a more pertained truth by mocking and imitating the thing they wish to criticise. Both of these texts relate to what Dryden said and are written in prose but are very different in style and context.

Modest proposal writing assignment

You might want to think of a solution but coming from a slightly different direction. Have you thought of the solution actually being for the government to supply heroin to every citizen and to legally require them to take it?

It would be brilliant because then, if everyone is addicted to heroin, there would be no "problem" as such because it would just be considered This is a good topic to pick, so well done!

It would be brilliant because then, if everyone is addicted to heroin, there would be no "problem" as such because it would just be considered a natural part of human life! It would also allow governments to legally control the flow and dissemination of heroin rather than the lack of checks and controls that it has now, and thus make sure that the heroin that it supplies to its citizens is of the best quality and not adulterated with any other chemicals that could be dangerous.

It will also remove the stigma of being a "drug user" as everyone will be a drug user, whilst allowing the government to raise more money through taxing heroin in the same way that cigarettes are taxed.

Pregnant mothers can be made addicted so that their children will be addicted when they are born, thus making sure that nobody escapes this blessing. What do you think?!

The problem is I can't think of anA Modest Proposal essay writing tips and guidelines Getting started with A Modest Proposal essay One of the pieces of literature that students are asked to read and analyze within their literature classes is A Modest Proposal.

issue about which you are writing and that you are presenting a way that the audience can resolve the problem. This is a minor writing assignment; it is due on February 8th. Guidelines and Expectations: 1. Humor: satire without humor is mere criticism. 2. Attack: satire without attack is mere comedy.

3. > A Modest Proposal "A Modest Proposal" TopicFor my assignment on "A Modest Proposal," my topic is drugs. The problem is I can't think of an outrageous solution to the increasing drug rate.

modest proposal writing assignment

Swifts writing style was influenced by the culture, lifestyles and beliefs during his time. Swift was influenced by the on going problems between Ireland and England in the ’s.

Swift likes to make his points in ‘A Modest Proposal’ and isn’t afraid to include things that . Appeal to your reader for a need to listen to your proposal. 2. Next, state your outrageous idea in as understated a tone as possible, and explain its “logic.” 3.

List the advantages of your proposal, and remember to use as many satirical devices as you can. 4. “A Modest Proposal” Assignment. Options: Read or view school-appropriate examples of modern satire (great source: Write an analysis of one of the pieces ( pages), detailing its.

subject, satirical devices, and. deeper meaning. Write your own proposal! Describe a solution to one of society’s pressing problems.

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