Lord of the flies comparative essay

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Lord of the flies comparative essay

Lord of the flies comparative essay

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Lord Of The Flies: However, as the story unfolds, it becomes more than a mere tale of survival. The island is no longer simply a place for an adventure but a metaphor for the entire world, with each of the characters representing important aspects that make up this world.

The first hint Golding gives us that his novel will contain deeper meaning is the fact that the plane the boys are traveling in is shot down during the Cold War.

This turns the war into something totally real to the boys. It is no longer something that is going on far away from where they live but something that they are a part of, that will change their lives forever.

One way Golding creates representations of the adult "real world" is through his characters ;Piggy, Ralph, Simon, and Jack. Piggy is the representative of technology, intellect, and education. He is also the most mature and adult like member of the group. This, along with his poor eyesight, size, accent, and asthma, are why he is constantly ostracized by the others.

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His glasses represent technology, civilization, reality and reason. When they are destroyed it is a sign that the boys are no longer using reason in their actions and civilization is becoming more and more a thing of the past. Ralph, on the other hand, represents government, authority, order, and self discipline.

Although Ralph occasionally gives way to his more primitive side he is one of the only members of the group who maintains enough discipline to try to remain "civilized". Lack of this quality in the other boys is a contributor to why civilized life on the island turns to chaos.

When the group first arrives on the island they create an organized society, with a leader, laws, and jobs for everyone. These ideas of an ordered society are obviously a result of the society they were used to at home, based around democratic values and equality. It takes great self discipline from the boys to abide by their own rules, and work for the benefit of the group as a whole instead of themselves.

As time goes on their proper society gradually digresses into a more and more primitive state until, finally, the island is no longer a society at all, but instead, a world where the only rule is survival of the fittest, and life is a free-for-all.

Simon's character is, at first, the most difficult to understand. He is obviously different from the others and at first glance, seemingly irrelevant.

However, if you look closer, his character acts as a contrast to the title of the novel, Lord Of The Flies. This translates to the Greek word, "Beelzebub" also meaning the devil, or Satan.WBCS Preliminary Examination Solved Question Paper WBCS (Exe.) Etc.

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