Kim jong il essay example

At certain ages, one may become eligible to leave full-time educationbecome subject to military conscription or to enlist in the military, to consent to sexual intercourseto marryto marry without parental consentto voteto run for elected office, to legally purchase or consume alcohol and tobacco products, to purchase lottery tickets, or to obtain a driver's licence. The age of majority is the age when minors cease to legally be considered children and assume control over their persons, actions, and decisions, thereby terminating the legal control and legal responsibilities of their parents or guardians over and for them. Most countries set the age of majority at 18, though it varies by jurisdiction.

Kim jong il essay example

Her predecessor in that office was named Lee Myung-bak; before him, for most of the s, South Korea was ruled by men named Kim Dae-jung and Kim Young-sam.

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In the neighboring dictatorship of North Korea, of course, we have witnessed a year family dynasty featuring leaders named Kim Jong-un, Kim Jong-il and Kim Il-sung.

In a phenomenon that may be completely unique to the Korean culture — which comprise some 75 million people who live on the Korean peninsula, and another 7 million in the global diaspora -- only three surnames, Kim, Lee and Park, account for the appellations of nearly one-half of all Koreans.

But "Kim" remains the champ by a wide margin, with government statistics suggesting that more than one-fifth of all Koreans have this surname, some 10 million of them in South Korea alone.

Of course, the U. On the whole, according to various accounts, there are no more than about surnames currently in use in Korea in contrast, in Japan and the Netherlands there are more thanactive surnames in each society. Korea's paucity of surnames and the heavy concentration of a handful of those names are linked to the peninsula's long feudal history and its complex relationships with aggressive neighbors China and Japan.

Indeed, the Chinese, who have had a significant influence on Korean history and culture, are key to this discussion. Korean names use Chinese characters, reflecting the Korean aristocracy's adoption of Confucian naming models i. Commoners on the peninsula did not have that privilege.

There were only a few such surnames. So, when commoners began acquiring surnames [later], they grabbed one already in use to bask in the prestige of the families that were already using that surname. Sung-Yoon Lee, assistant professor of Korean Studies at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University in Boston, told IBTimes that during the late Silla period of Korean history coinciding with the ninth and 10th centuries of the Christian erathe practice of adopting Chinese-character surnames among the Korean nobility became popular.

And Lee was the [founder of the] dynasty of the Chosun Kingdom [which lasted from ], the longest administrative dynasty in [world] history.

When the long-oppressed common people, who hitherto had no surnames, were given the "privilege" of selecting one, they chose "noble" surnames like Kim and Lee. Incidentally, Lee or Li is also one of the most common surnames on the planet, with at least million people answering to that name, principally in China.

The same process helped the Lees become a dominant surname in Korea. Still, intriguingly, Korean laws long banned men and women with the same surname from marrying each other — though this prohibition no longer exists. Professor Park of Penn noted, however, that in North Korea the taboo against marrying someone with the same name and same ancestral homeland means little since the Communist regime has discourages whatever practices and customs it deems "feudal.

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Sung-Yoon Lee posits, however, that this does not imply Korean women enjoy greater rights than their counterparts in the West, where wives typically adopt their husbands' surnames. Kim' after her husband, Mr.

Song Nai Rhee emphasized that surnames or more appropriately, clan groups within a surname are not taken lightly in Korea -- indeed, they play an important role in modern business and politics.

So, you might wonder, what happens when someone Korean or foreigner finds himself in a Korean corporation or government assembly? How would the various Lees and Kims be distinguished from one another?Example research essay topic: Kim Jong Il Kim Il Sung - 1, words.


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Kim Jong UN could possibly start a terrible nuclear war. This would start if he were to launch an attack on Washington DC.

This would then force the United States to launch a counter strike which would be of greater magnitude and probably destroy every last remnants of North Korea, ridding the world of one pathetic and dangerous country.

Kim jong il essay example

The Culture Of South Korea - First one must look at this nation’s one of a kind terrain before this topic can truly be discussed. South Korea is very mountainous and this restricts the agricultural abilities of . 🔥Citing and more! Add citations directly into your paper, Check for unintentional plagiarism and check for writing mistakes.

Madison Koci Stewart Frame GWC PS Due: 12/12/13 North Korea and Kim Jong Un Kim Jong Un is the the year-old ruler of North Korea, one of the most distinctive and unpredictable countries in the world.

Only three surnames, Kim, Lee and Park, account for the appellations of nearly one-half of all Koreans.

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