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Essays for iim blogspot login

My expectations from a B-School before joining it. I was a Software Engineer after a BE degree from a top institute in India and everyone recognized my college the moment they heard the name. In a way this made my life easier when I used to interact with people and apply for jobs.

And one thing I realized that the name of your college helps you cross the first hurdle and offers you an unfair advantage in interviews, discussions, etc.

Value this advantage if you have one. I wanted a high paying career, a slightly more structured life, and a decent life-style. As a Software Engineer I used to share my flat with friends, used to ride a motorcycle, and mostly had just enough money to last for next 30 days.

The least I wanted from a job was that I could stay in a separate flat, own a car, and have enough money to at least last for a few months. This is the most fundamental requirement for my MBA.

essays for iim blogspot login

One thing I understood was that a job-change is not an answer to this desire. Most people in my time used to start their Software career at around 20k per month or less.

I am not sure about the starting salaries of software engineers these days.

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And if these two don't click then I would use my savings from onsite and try at a foreign institute. However, I knew it really well that most foreign institutes are well beyond my reach because I didn't want to take any loans and get tied to that loan for next years.

And by some stroke of luck I was selected at AIM. I cleared the interview and had the funds to join the institute. So I decided to take the final call and join it. Before joining the institute this is what I had my on mind After MBA, I will have a campus placement in some foreign company.

Most probably I won't have to return to India for next few years. My classmates will be good enough to help me grow. My Professors will be world-class 4. Everyone recognizes and values my degree just like everyone recognizes and values my engineering degree etc.Note - Editor and Admin users can see password protected or private posts in the edit view without knowing the password.

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