Essay on crime in politics

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Essay on crime in politics

My writing of this hub has in part been inspired by a conversation had with hubber JanieK I see this as one of a series - I am charged enough to want to focus upon criminals themselves - Vanessa George a British nursery Worker was sentenced last week for her heinous crimes against children - I can not conceive of her motivations, she's not alone.

Whilst the facts here are from British crime statistics, I do think that the essay as a whole may apply to an international audience. Additionally, there will be a discussion of criminological theories which each put forward explanations for this criminal behaviour. To conclude, there will be a summary of findings.

Generally crimes committed by women differ from male criminality. It is difficult to overlook the fact that crimes committed by women have a more emotional characteristic then those committed by men.

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Women are far less likely than men to commit crime. This pattern seems to hold true all over the world. Nevertheless, women are far more likely to experience domestic violence. Statistics are compiled annually in England and Wales by the Home Office and offer us the following picture of male and female offending.

In ; 81 per cent of known offenders were male, and 19 per cent female. Soothill et al have estimated that 35 per cent of males born in will have had a criminal conviction by the age of thirty-five; and for women the figure is 9 per cent.

There has been extensive consideration of the different roles played by men and women in the commission of crime. Many theorists have questioned this.

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Social, biological, Essay on crime in politics psychological explanations have been used to develop theories to explain why women commit crime, as well as why they commit less crime than men. The number and complexity of these theories has expanded greatly in recent years as part of the growing body of work on gender both in criminology and in the social sciences more generally.

Essay on crime in politics

Until recently, criminal behaviour has mostly been discussed from a male perspective and has been about men, for men and by men. However, there are a range of theories in place which purport to explain why some women commit fewer crimes than males.

Theorists emphasizing the causal role of biological and psychological factors in female crime typically assume that criminal women show masculine biological and psychological orientations.

He studied the skulls and bones of women criminals and prostitutes and looked at the life histories of both criminal and non-criminal women. He went on further to discuss how women are better able to adapt to unappealing environment than men, therefore, they turn to prostitution as an alternative to crime.

This indicates that criminal women were genetically more male than non-criminal females, and as such biologically abnormal. One of the many critics of Lombroso Gabriel Tarde, said that crime being social in origin is of changing nature and as it depends upon social definitions it cannot be explained with reference to atavism.

Resulting from this women have the desire for recognition, and in order to obtain this many females get involved in illegal activities. He discusses that everyone has four main duties in life, desire for new experiences, security, and response, and recognition.

Thomas considered that women maintain there virtue until marriage, but these women used there sexuality to obtain whatever they want. Women were seen having feeling confined under monogamy, and having a lot sexual energy, this was released in criminal acts.

Given that most crime committed by women is economic or responses to violence on them you certainly cannot call such crimes as a cry for recognition Sigmund Freud offered an explanation of female crime which stated women are universally not able to fully resolve the Oedipus complex.

They have a great deal of need for the approval of men, so as a rule they do not risk upsetting them by committing crimes. The exceptional female who does offend is seen as suffering from extreme penis envy and, in a desire to be a man, takes an aggressive, non-conforming attitude that may result in criminal behaviour.

Freud considers that all individuals are born with the potential to be criminal in that the basic human instincts will lead to anti social behaviour. He analysed boys and girls and concluded that due to genetic differences, women are more passive than men.

Freud agreed with Lombroso in that female criminality rejects passivity and tries very hard to be like men. Lombroso based his explanation on constitutional affairs whereas Freud acknowledged the possible effects of inherited traits possibly being a factor.

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He made the point that these crimes are under-represented in crime statistics for a variety of reasons; easy concealment, underreporting, embarrassment on the part of male victims, and male chivalry in the justice system, he provides examples of lower visibility and detection of female crime to feminine cunning and deceit.

The willingness to excuse or impose a light punishment on female offenders was explained away to male chivalry.Sex crime springs from fantasy, hallucination, delusion, and obsession.

A random young woman becomes the scapegoat for a regressive rage against female sexual power: “You made me do this.”. Race, Crime, and the Law [Randall Kennedy] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Winner of the Robert F. Kennedy Book Award Grand Prize "An original, wise and courageous work that moves beyond sterile arguments and lifts the discussion of race and justice to a new and more hopeful level."--Arthur Schlesinger.

The Politics of Security in a Democracy. Terrorism causes fear, and we overreact to that fear. Our brains aren't very good at probability and risk analysis. Nov 18,  · Essay on politics and crime.


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Political Crime