Developing yourself as an effective learning and development practitioner essay

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Developing yourself as an effective learning and development practitioner essay

Leadership plan for all staff and volunteers of Sunnyside Metro Food Pantry Support staff will learn basic e-mail and Internet skills Training given by Jerome, Operations Manager This Month Mobilizers will learn how to lead effective meetings Training given by Jasmine, Program Director Next Month Increase ability to work as a team among all staff members Have group rotate leadership in community development projects; Executive Director, Carmine, will teach people how to support each other's leadership This Year Increase diversity awareness among all program leadership and staff Ongoing diversity awareness program; bring in an outside facilitator Meet monthly throughout this year Your organization may have a very different plan than the one shown above.

It isn't crucial what the plan looks like physically -- sketching it out on the back of a napkin may be just fine. The point is, if you think ahead and plan your goals, actions, and timelines, you will be more likely to get the kind of leadership team you want.

Pick your methods There are different methods for developing leaders. Here are some of them: Sharing your thinking about what you are doing and why you are doing it can be an invaluable learning experience to someone you are training.

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Modeling good leadership The most important thing you can do to develop leaders is to demonstrate what a good leader looks and acts like. If you have good leadership skills, the chances are that staff members or volunteers will be aware of and copy them.

Teaching as you lead You can teach people about almost anything you are doing -- as you are doing it. If you are handling a delicate negotiation, seize the opportunity to teach someone about the art of negotiating. Bring along your assistant or another person who is ready to learn.

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When you have a moment alone together, tell your assistant what you are thinking about the negotiation. What is your strategy? What else do you consider? What are your hunches? Mentoring Mentoring means you take someone under your wing and teach her one-on-one over a period of time. It includes teaching people as you lead, as described above, but it is a bigger and more significant process.

When you mentor someone, you make a commitment to her. You help her become a leader by teaching her what you've learned and by encouraging her as she takes on new challenges. For example, you might sit down and listen to someone you are mentoring after he tries to lead a focus group for the first time.

Listening can really help him think through his experiences so he is ready for the next challenge. Your confidence in another person and commitment to her as a developing leader is one of the most effective ways to help her become a leader.

It is also an important contribution, because you are helping to develop a person who has the potential to be leading for years to come. Exchange programs Sometimes it helps to do a leadership exchange with another group or organization.

You can trade staff or volunteers for a period of time, so each group gets to learn how another group works. People can learn skills that aren't available in their own organization. Even a visit to another organization can give people a picture of new possibilities.In the same way, the more confident you become in your teaching skills, the better prepared you are to move on to “the next level”, i.e.

deepen your understanding of learning and teaching, find out about the latest learning and teaching theories, and try out new teaching practices, thus developing .

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Approx. words / page; Font: 12 point Arial/Times New Roman; Double line spacing; Any citation style (APA, MLA, Chicago/Turabian, Harvard) Free bibliography page. Being a reflective practitioner at any stage of teacher development involves a constant, critical look at teaching and learning and at the work of you, the teacher.

Some of this. chapter 1 Developing Yourself as an Effective Learning and Development Practitioner In t r od u c t Io n This chapter begins with a look at what is required of .

It is critical that all nurse educators know about teaching, learning and evaluation; and nurse educators who practice in academic settings also must have knowledge and skill in curriculum development, assessment of program outcomes, and being an effective member of . Iverson, Peter C. () "Developing Social Work Interviewing Skills through a Micro-Video Analysis Training Program,"The Journal of Sociology & Social Welfare: interviews can be as effective as much longer ones (Singh, ).

the learning emphasis is on the development of specific communication skills. Students are expected to.

Developing yourself as an effective learning and development practitioner essay
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