Botswana research paper

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Botswana research paper

Cite Harvard Reuben, M. Journal of International Business Research and Marketing, 2 4pp. Journal of International Business Research and Marketing, 2 4 Journal of International Business Research and Marketing. The aim of the paper is to address the issue of local enterprises that fall prey to international companies in terms of mergers as they fail to address risks that collapse their institutions.

In this research paper, the study is based on literature. The researcher looked at similar cases of mergers and acquisitions in Botswana and overseas in diverse sectors of the economy. The core assessment of risk identification which is portfolio risk helped in identifying risks that affect consolidations, mergers, and acquisitions in Botswana.

The researcher intends to help the companies taking over others to be able to manage risks, contain their risk appetite in order to avoid financial losses as well as legal litigations from either parties that will be affected. Local enterprises fail because of lack of experience and capacity to handle risks.

It is also coupled with failure to measure their risk appetite as well as test the role of leadership in managing risks.

Botswana research paper

The methodology used is direct interview and consultations for the information. Introduction For a country like Botswana, the economy is much more dependent on government sector as the government dominates the industries and it is the largest consumer of products and services.

Essay on Geography. Research Paper on 'Botswana'

Usually, when the government itself is not doing well, businesses do suffer a lot, leading to retrenchments and closure to some. In this scenario, that is when companies come with strategies to survive, that include consolidating with others, acquiring as well as merging.

The organizations strive to make a profit, multiply in branches which account for growth, branding, provide for social responsibilities in the communities they serve. In consolidations, mergers, and acquisitions, a risk capacity of the major company must also be considered.

That is the implication that exists of risk taking and tolerance of the taking over process. The major company might lose reputation, people, knowledge, internal strive as infrastructure. Companies in Botswana are facing stiff competition from outside world due to globalization. Hence, organizations face competitive pressure for product markets and service providers.

Even in case of normal distribution of goods and services, more risks are directed to small corporations He Binp. In terms of acquisitions, normally for a bigger company to be in a position to take another one, it has to be a high-performance company.

It is always alert to changes, with a capability of managing risks. It is of paramount importance to understand how success and failures of businesses are driven when a company take over. Effective strategic management will need to be put in place so that the business mergers may not be a failure.

The statement of Mergers and Acquisitions in Botswana. When two companies combine, it is called a merger.

Botswana research paper

Whereas, when one is completely absorbed by another corporation it is known as an acquisition. The identity of the target company is lost and it is incorporated into the bidder company, which retains its identity.This paper uses the postcolonial lens to highlight that mainstream research in postcolonial societies still ignores, marginalizes and suppresses other knowledge systems and ways of knowing.

The marginalization of local knowledge systems, it is argued, was established in the colonial times that.

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5 Pages ( words) Research Paper History of Botswana The national language is English and it is estimated that close to eighty percent of the population practice Christianity as their religion with the remaining percentage of the population practicing religions like the Hindu.

View Essay - Bostwana Paper from INTL at Denison University. Doctor-Rotation Botswana has a surplus of doctors but unfortunately, it is suffering from an acute shortage because many of its medics.

This paper explores the economy of Botswana with specific emphasis on market labor, economic growth, taxes, debts and key factors, that impact economic growth of the nation.

Botswana has been among the top popular world’s economic rate of growth starting independence. Botswana"s climate is a semiarid one, consisting of very hot summers, and warm winters. Flat and rolling land make up the topography of Botswan, research paper .

The paper then explores ways to improve efficiency throughout the health system, including in financing and through large-scale health financing reforms. The reforms suggested are relevant to the development of Botswana’s health financing strategy and other health system policy discussions.

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