Analysis of the motion picture gandhi directed by richard attenborough

Gandhi Filmic Analysis A picture is worth a thousand words. In films, twenty-four frames per second are shown, making any film worth more than a hundred million. Despite this, teenagers often find historical films dull and uninformative, and turn to literature and the Internet instead. However, historical films are irreplaceable by books due to their filming techniques, which provide multiple perspectives about the past that may otherwise be lost between pages of thick history books.

Analysis of the motion picture gandhi directed by richard attenborough

Development[ edit ] InRajkumar Santoshi read some books on the socialist revolutionary, Bhagat Singh, and felt that a biopic would help revive interest in him. Khullar's biography of the revolutionary titled Shaheed Bhagat Singh.

I definitely wanted to know more about him. The following month, Rajabali formally began his research on Bhagat Singh while admitting to Santoshi that it was "a difficult task" for him.

Noorani 's book, The Trial of Bhagat Singh: Politics of Justice, provided the basis for the trial sequences.

Gurpal obtained additional information from newspaper clippings of The Tribune dated from toand from Bhagat's prison notebooks. These gave Rajabali "an idea of what had appealed to the man, the literary and intellectual influences that impacted him in that period.

His introvert nature conveys loud and clear signals that there is a volcano inside him ready to burst. To prepare for the role, Devgn studied all the references Santoshi and Rajabali had procured to develop the film's script.

He also lost weight to more closely resemble Bhagat. I don't think he got his due When Rajkumar Santoshi narrated the script to me, I was taken aback because this man had done so much and his motive was not just independence of India. He had predicted the challenges that we face in our country today.

From riots to corruption, he had predicted that and he wanted to fight that. Because of his astrological beliefs, he even obtained Azad's horoscope to determine his personality.

In an interview with Rediff.

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This piece of information "became a driving force" for Mishra and encouraged him to play Azad. Santoshwho made his cinematic debut, were cast as Bhagat's friends and fellow members of the Hindustan Republican Association, Sukhdev Thapar and Shivaram Rajguru.

This was true in the case of Santosh and also Amitabh Bhattacharjeewho played Jatin Das, the man who devised the bomb for Bhagat and Batukeshwar Dutt. Anandaround 85 sets were constructed at Film City by Nitin Chandrakant Desai who was in charge of the production design, and "99 percent of the background" featured in the film was sets.

The scenes at Jallianwala Bagh and other surrounding locations in Amritsar at the beginning of the film feature Nakshdeep Singh as the younger Bhagat. Santoshi selected Nakshdeep after receiving photographs of the boy from his father, Komal Singh, who also played Mannewali's father.

Both Santoshi and Devgn appreciated the interactions they had with Kultar, noting that he provided "deep insights into his brother's life".

Analysis of the motion picture gandhi directed by richard attenborough

A sequence in the song featuring Devgn appearing between two factions of backup Bhangra dancers took three takes to be completed.Gandhi was a collaboration of British and Indian production companies[3] and was written by John Briley and produced and directed by Sir Richard Attenborough.

It stars Ben Kingsley in the titular role. is and in to a was not you i of it the be he his but for are this that by on at they with which she or from had we will have an what been one if would who has her. May 29,  · For this assessment, we were asked to write a historical film analysis based on the film “Gandhi” by Richard Attenborough.

Useful resources were provided for reference. Since the last analysis essay, I have improved my use of vocabulary and sophistication. Richard Samuel Attenborough, Baron Attenborough, CBE, was an English actor, filmmaker, entrepreneur, and politician.

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